Q. When can we get an engagement photo session done?

A. We offer engagement photo sessions any time of year! Complimentary engagement sessions that are included in your package must be utilized at least three months before your wedding date.  This allows one month for your photos to be in editing. 

Q. Can we bring our own minister/photographer to perform the ceremony?

A. Flower Mountain reserves the right to approve/disapprove outside ministers/officiants.  Because Flower Mountain is owned by a professional photographer, we do not allow outside photography or cinematography during the wedding ceremony and photo sessions.  This is strictly enforced. Your experience is very important to us. The ambiance of your wedding ceremony can be disturbed greatly by digital devices. Can you imagine the chaos of everyone at your event taking photos and video with their digital devices? You and your guests deserve to be in the moment. Celebrate at a venue that truly understand the true value of hosting an "unplugged" wedding event!

Q. Are guests allowed to take their own photos of the ceremony and photo sessions?

A.  If you have booked an event that includes a reception, your guests may take photos during that time.

Q. Can we bring our own flower girl petals?

A. Yes, however, all flowers must be real. No artificial or silk flowers may be used. Real flowers will  naturally break down in the environment vs. artificial will stick around for months.

Q. Do you provide marriage licenses'?

A. We would love to, however you must purchase your marriage license yourself. You must obtain a Tennessee state marriage license and once you obtain it, it is only good for thirty days. Many of our couples pre-apply online to make this process easier. Please consult the marriage license portion of your confirmation pages for complete information.

Q. Are the marriage license offices always open?

A. Wouldn't that be amazing!  All offices are closed on Sundays. Most marriage license offices in Tennessee counties are only open Monday-Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. However, the county of Sevier has two extension offices that are open on Saturdays during specified hours. Please be advised, that holiday seasons and election days do affect hours of operation. Please contact the courthouses directly for complete and accurate information.

Q. How long will it be before I can see my wedding photos?

A. We understand the unique challenges you face by booking a destination wedding with us! We know that you want to see your images ASAP! Images are almost always available overnight.

Q. Is minister/photographer gratuity included in pricing?

A. The giving of gratuities is a long standing tradition & rightly so. Your Photographer and Minister holds such a special place in your wedding day. It is the couples responsibility to set aside an offering for such a service. This is customary and should be observed.

Q. What is the order of wedding services?

A. If you are providing ushers, they are responsible for seating honored guests in this order: the groom's grandmother, the bride's grandmother, the groom's parents and bride's mother. The bridal processional will begin; minister and groom enters with groomsmen, then bridesmaids enter, one at a time; matron of honor enters, then the ring bearer and flower girl; then the bride and her father or escort enter. Typically, the minister announces for guests to rise and stand for the bride, opening remarks and giving of the bride. Guests will be instructed by the minister to be seated. Then the minister will say a short prayer; charge to bride and groom; exchange of vows and rings; pronouncement then kiss; presentation of the couple with recessional. 
Other ceremonies can be added, in addition, for example, unity candle or sands service, a dove release, and family bonds. 

Q. I want custom chair sashes/pergola decorations/table centerpieces other than what you have in stock.  Can you purchase them for me to use for my wedding? 

A. We have many different colors and decorations in stock.  If you want to use something custom, other than what we have, you will have to purchase and bring it yourself.  Our staff is more than happy to set everything up for you, however! Table centerpieces are a large cylinder vase with a floating flower or candle.  Anything custom from this will incur a fee.