Wonderful Winter Weddings!

            Being engaged starts a journey of love between a couple. One of the biggest decisions to make on this journey, is to decide what season you want to be married. The perks of a winter wedding in the Smoky Mountains are endless.  To begin, you will most likely have more availability of times and dates to choose from as well as first picks from your favorite vendors. Winter weddings will probably mean an indoor wedding, encompassed around a beautiful indoor focal point. Finding a venue that offers the mountain views as well as the beautiful indoor space is the next task. Having a wedding in the mountains will mean log cabins, big hearths, and fireplaces with rustic woods and scenery.  One of the unique aspects of a winter wedding and a snow laded background, every color scheme you can think of will work! Think of all of the options you have! With all of the color variables, you also get that winter decor which makes for beautiful center pieces and decorations! Because of the temperature outside, it makes everyone want to be inside in a warm fuzzy embrace of comfort foods.  Hot chocolate stations and southern cooking will be key at every winter weddings in the Smoky Mountains. Your guests will feel right at home with these foods. On top of all of these perks, the natural light during the winter makes for gorgeous photos, just have to brace the low temperatures for a bit to get your shots! Brides may want to consider a nice winter coat that pairs well with their dress or even a faux fur shawl. Some wedding favors to consider: custom hot chocolate powder mixes and even colored gloves or mittens in your wedding colors! No need to cut out the winter as an option for your wedding date! These are only a few of the perks of a winter wedding! Start pinning ideas on Pinterest today!