established in 2011

After marrying in 2008, we knew that our hearts were leading us to provide a wedding venue that would offer an extraordinary experience to couples looking to say their "I do's" in the Great Smoky Mountains. After 25 years of experience in the wedding/photography industry, we understood that the local focus was more on the quantity of weddings a chapel or venue could perform instead of the quality of the experience. It was our dream to spearhead the change we believe needed to take place in that area.

As Christians, we felt that the Lord really wanted us to be a strong representation of what marriage, and the celebration of it, truly stood for. We wanted to introduce God into our ceremonies when the majority of officiants were removing the mention of the most important name that we know from covenant vows. Our approach is not to push God upon anyone, but to introduce a common understanding that covenant marriage was first established by God and can only be held together through Him.

Our mission is to treat each one of our clients how we would like to be treated. That is truly what the vision for Flower Mountain was born out of. It is our great priviledge to serve our couples and families by providing an amazing wedding venue and professional photography experience.

We look forward to your wedding.

John & Casie